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Behring Campus Eystrup GmbH

06/03/2023 Our subsidiary in Lower Saxony Behring Campus Eystrup GmbH More info…
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Phage display and VHH site celebrates its first birthday

16/03/2023 preclinics Italia s.r.l. turns one year old Congratulations! More info…
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Our in vitro service for your preclinical research

01/06/2023 (image: 230511_preclinics_49_475.png) Analytical framework for testing the effect of drugs in whole blood More info…
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Our Italian mediator for our preclinics services

03/07/2023 Our preclinics family is constantly growing and expanding its portfolio of products and services. Therefore, we are very pleased to offer our customers at preclinics Italia all their experience and advisors in Italian. (image: preclinics-logo-it-bandiera-3_475.png) More info…
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09/05/2023 Let's meet and talk at the BIONNALE 2023 (image: bionnale63_600_ph.png) More info…
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preclinics certified products GmbH

13/01/2023 preclinics proudly presents our new subsidiary preclinics certified products GmbH More info…
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20/12/2022 ELISpot – a sensitive method to study the immune response on cellular levels (image: astor-apex-web-4-webseite.jpg) More info…