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Our in vitro service for your preclinical research


Analytical framework for testing the effect
of drugs in whole blood


preclinics has successfully established an analytical framework. The studies take place in whole blood and are performed in vitro in the target species, for therapy in human and for preclinical testing in murine blood. That provides an accurate picture of a drug's effect in the organism before the preclinical study is initiated.

This analytical setting includes the following methods: 

  • Cytokine release assay
  • Neutrophil activation assay
  • Cytotoxicity assay

Our service includes the conduction of the experiments and a complex analysis of the results, which will be explained and discussed with the sponsor. In the course of the drug development chain, these in vitro tests are a helpful tool for the pre-selection of the appropriate drug candidate. During this critical phase, preclinics can support you with the highest level of expertise.

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