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Pichia GlycoSwitch®

Pichia GlycoSwitch®Comes to preclinics Italia: Our Latest License Acquisition


Glycosylation is crucial for the proper folding and function of many proteins. Traditional methods of glycosylated protein production using mammalian cells often lack precise control over glycosylation, leading to a range of glycoforms, some beneficial, others problematic. Not only does glycosylation play a pivotal role in basic protein function, but it also influences factors like pharmacokinetics, stability, bioavailability, and tissue distribution.

preclinics Italia, our Italian team of experts in protein engineering, has recently acquired the license for Pichia GlycoSwitch®, an innovative Expression Platform in yeast strains. This technology is based on engineered Pichia pastoris strains that, through mutations in the OCH1 gene and the introduction of heterologous enzyme activities, execute specific glycosylation processes accurately. It enables the production of proteins with finely controlled, human-like glycosylation and opens up new avenues for tailored protein production.

With Pichia GlycoSwitch® technology, preclinics Italia can now provide:
-Vaccine antigens and recombinant single-domain antibodies featuring customized glycosylation and near-homogenous glycoforms
-Expression of recombinant proteins at scales of up to 10 liters of culture
-Access to an experienced team skilled in custom protein development and production

We look forward to exploring the full potential of Pichia GlycoSwitch®!