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Behring Campus Eystrup GmbH

Our subsidiary in Lower Saxony
Behring Campus Eystrup GmbH


As a versatile research and service company, preclinics GmbH provides its customers an extensive range of blood products and the implementation of immunization studies. Those projects are carried out at our facilities in Potsdam and Lower Saxony. Since 2016, our experienced subsidiary in Lower Saxony, the Behring Campus Eystrup GmbH, performs a large number of immunization studies in domestic and farm animals. Formerly known as Behringwerke, this site carries on with the tradition of producing veterinary and diagnostic products since the early 1920s.

Our preclinics team in Lower Saxony has capacities for animal husbandry, laboratory, storage and offices. Various large and small animals such as poultry, rabbits, sheep, goats, pigs as well as llamas and alpacas can be used in immunization projects or preclinical studies. Our broad service portfolio ranges from e. g. red blood cells for viral assays, to antibody development services and pharmacokinetic studies with biopharmaceuticals.

From now on, our customers can order blood products directly from the Behring Campus Eystrup. Our head veterinarian Mrs. Monia Budnik and her team are available for consulting regarding the realization of immunizations studies, contract animal husbandry and contract research in large animals.


Mrs. Monia Budnik
Behring Campus Eystrup GmbH 

Serumweg 48
27324 Eystrup

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