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The Technology Hub

Next to our core competence, the development of new research models and assays, we offer research services, products and instruments. Our different research activities have a synergistic influence on our work. From molecular biology to stainless steel constructions, we put things together to fulfill complex research projects.

preclinics Potsdam

preclinics’ headquarter is located in Potsdam, Germany, where the administration is located. The basic and preclinical research for human medicine is located in the Potsdam facility. There we have a modern BSL2 laboratory, where we are able to work with human blood and GMO. In our in vivo laboratory we have our imaging devices (x-ray + bioluminescence) and the Revolyzer unit for non-invasive examination. The experimental unit is equipped with devices for measuring physiological parameters (blood pressure, EMG, EKG grip strength etc.) and for anaesthesia and microsurgery. This is supported from the molecular biology lab with a cell culture cabinet equipped with flow cytometry and a bioanalytic unit for ELISA assays and PCR. As well we have our construction site for the research instruments in Potsdam.

Behring Campus Eystrup

At the Behring Campus Eystrup, the former Behringinstitute Eystrup, our veterinary research is located. There we have the facilities to house farm animals for veterinary projects. As well a part of the preclinics research farm is located on the 36000 sqm area. If you want to know more about the Behring Campus Eystrup please follow this link to get the BCE-Homepage:

preclinics research farm

In the center of Lower Saxony our preclinics research farm is resident. Here we breed New World camelids (llamas and alpacas), Merino sheep and the preclinics black belly sheep. Next to the breeding species other species like goats, rabbits, turkey and chickens are housed for immunization and production of fresh biological products. A special feature of this facility is the immunization of camelids such as llamas and alpacas for the production of heavy chain antibody fragments VHH.

preclinics Italia

preclinics Italia s.r.l has been founded in February 2022 after a long and fruitful collaboration between preclinics GmbH and the University of Parma. preclinics Italia included both parties' competencies, offers all preclinics GmbH services and is a specialized E. coli/yeast expression hub with a long-term camelids’ antibody manipulation and modification expertise.
preclinics Italia is located in the prestigious Tecnopolo building at the university campus, which is headquarter of the University's Industrial Research and access point to the local innovation ecosystem.

Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is a high rated value for preclinics. Only animal-friendly people are employed in our company and we encourage the caring, responsible and affectionate relationship to animals. preclinics follows the 3R principle from Russel & Burch.

Reduce - Our aim is to reduce animal experiments by generating more data in one experiment and to combine experiments in the early preclinical phase, like combined PK/PD/compatibility studies.

Refine - Modern technology helps us to use more and more non-invasive methods. We are engaged in developing non-invasive methods. Our vision is a “touchless-experiment” where the animal is not affected through the experiment. Another important aspect of refinement is the housing conditions. We have regular meetings where we discuss how to optimize animal welfare.

Replace - It is important to characterize a new drug candidate in cell culture and other animal-free assays. Only very promising candidates should be tested in the officially required experiments. Therefor we are working on alternative methods with human primary cells. Further on we have a research project working on animal-free antibody selection and production.


Funded by the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Health, Women and Family from the European Social Fund and the state of Brandenburg.