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preclinics proudly presents our new subsidiary
preclinics certified products GmbH


At the very beginning of this year, we are proud to announce that our preclinics team has been joined by a new company, preclinics certified products GmbH. pcp's focus is the production of SARS-CoV-2 and other virus-like particles, pseudoviruses and lentiviruses. In addition, pcp produces recombinant proteins or antibodies by transient transfection or by the generation of stable recombinant cell lines. Combined with the previously established hybridoma service and single B cell technology, pcp supports the whole process from antigen to antibody.


Head of department is the neuroscientist Dr. Stefan Hirschberg. Stefan already knows preclinics from collaborative projects and has been closely associated with the company for several years. To better serve the needs of diagnostics, our goal is the certification according to ISO 13485. 

Together with preclinics certified products GmbH we are pleased to expand our service offering from antigen to preclinics.

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Stefan Hirschberg PhD
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