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BSL3** lab launch

12/05/2017 The preclinics team reacted to a growing demand and has established a biosafety level 3** lab, in which we can perform infection studies in laboratory rodents. We offer infection models for gastrointestinal diseases, local S. aureus infections and luminescent pathogens.
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luminescent tumor imaging

01/02/2017 The measurement of tumor tissue in a living animal is often impossible, especially in orthotopic tumor models. Using luciferase expressing tumor cells we can detect the whole course of tumor progression and regression after treatment in vivo. We offer human and murine tumor cell lines that express luciferase and the generation of customized luminescent tumor cell lines. More info…
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Meet us at GV-SOLAS 2018

03/01/2018 Again we will be represented at the annual GV-SOLAS meeting. Looking forward to seeing you at our booth B4, September 12-14, 2018 in Munich, Germany. More info…