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Phage display and VHH site celebrates its first birthday

preclinics Italia s.r.l. turns one year old


We are very proud to announce that our subsidiary preclinics Italia s.r.l. has turned one year old. preclinics Italia was founded out of a successful cooperation with the University of Parma. Valentina Garrapa is the head of preclinics Italia. In the first year of the company, Valentina and her preclinics Italia team successfully established a new phage display laboratory, built a satisfied customer base and established the preclinics service in Italy.

preclinics Italia has become our reliable specialist in the field of recombinant antibody selection, production and purification, especially variable domains of camelid antibodies (VHH) and their derivatives. Customers can already choose from more than 20 ready-to-use nanobodies, for example anti-SARS-CoV-2 VHHs. Valentina's team consists of experienced molecular biologists and recombinant DNA technology specialists who are able to advise you on the right approach for the production of your native, fusion or recombinant antibody by evaluating different hosts for expression including E. coli and yeast.

We are very proud that preclinics Italia is part of the preclinics family and supports our service philosophy with its expertise:
from antigen to preclinics.

Are you interested in the service and product portfolio of preclinics Italia. May Valentina and her team support you in the implementation of your project?
Please get in touch with preclinics Italia s.r.l.


Valentina Garrapa, PhD
preclinics Italia s.r.l. 

via Nazario Sauro 3
43121 Parma
Tel: +39 334 333 0440